The eagerly awaited question? How to apply for EYT from e-Government?

1 Mart’ta Grand National Assembly of Turkey, approved the expected decision for citizens who are stuck in retirement age. The EYT regulation was accepted with a majority of votes and 3 Mart on Official newspaperIt was published and entered into force.

If you want to apply for EYT, you must first log into the e-Government system. Later, “Giving Income, Monthly Allowance Request Document” You need to click on. Switch to the new application tab and select the allocation request type “Old Age Pension”Select . If you are going to request a monthly fee within the scope of SSK “4A”if within the scope of Bagkur “4B” tick the option.

You need to choose the bank from which the salary will be paid. Do not forget to enter the branch information in the description section. After adding your contact and address information, you need to indicate whether you are currently receiving monthly payments. Finally, “Forward” ve “Apply” You can complete the process by clicking the buttons.

What are the terms?

With the EYT regulation September 8, 1999 previously insured 20 years for women and 25 years for men Those who have completed the insurance period will be able to retire. But before, according to the start date 5 thousand to 5 thousand 975 days They must complete the premium day requirement ranging from

debated in Parliament and then Yes of 395 deputies Articles adopted and entered into force by vote:

– Following the date of resignation of those who are given a retirement or retirement pension for the first time, 30 days In case they start working subject to social support premium in the private sector workplace where they last worked, the employer’s share of the social support premium will be paid as of the date of employment. 5 points The amount that hits the part will be covered by the Treasury.

– Social support bonus If the insured person who benefits from the employer’s share discount leaves the job, this discount will not be used again.

– Employer’s ssocial dIt is foreseen for the re-employment of those who receive pensions and old-age pensions in order to benefit from the support premium. 10 days to 30 days removed.

Social Insurance and General Health Insurance LawAccording to the temporary article added to the . Based on this provision, no retroactive payments will be made and no retroactive rights can be claimed.

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