The earthquake victims who came to Edirne are being treated in hospitals in the city.

Described as “the disaster of the century” Kahramanmaras Citizens injured in earthquakes EdirneHe is being treated in hospitals in .

Those who come to Edirne from the cities affected by the earthquake stay in the houses of benefactors or their relatives, as well as hotels and hostels.

Among the attendees are citizens with fractures in various parts of their bodies. Injured earthquake survivors, University of Trakya He is being treated in the orthopedic services of the Faculty of Medicine Hospital and Edirne Sultan Murat 1st State Hospital.

“My wife passed away, I’m so sorry”

HatayMahide İntizamoğlu from Turkey told Anadolu Agency (AA) that their house was destroyed in the earthquake and she and her husband were under the rubble.

Stating that his wife, Hidayet İntizamoğlu, lost his life, İntizamoğlu said, “We had very bad moments. We were asleep at the time of the earthquake. We woke up with a jolt and went outside right away, at that time the wall of the house collapsed on my wife. I fell while running to save her. Our children helped us, over her father’s wall. My wife passed away, I’m so sorry.” she said.

Explaining that he came to Edirne with his relatives and stayed at the hotel after burying his wife’s funeral in his hometown, İntizamoğlu stated that his broken arm was cast and treated at Trakya University Medical Faculty Hospital.

İntizamoğlu emphasized that both healthcare professionals and citizens treat them hospitably.

Kerem Topaloğlu, who came from the same city, said that due to the destruction of the house where he lived with his family in the earthquake, concrete and rubble fell on him.

Stating that his hand and foot were broken, Topaloğlu said:

“While we were going out with my mother and siblings, the stairs collapsed and the balcony fell on us. My hands and feet were broken due to falling on them. Our neighbors took us out of the place we were in. After staying in the car for a while, we came to Edirne with my family. They take good care of us here. I received my treatment at the hospital. “They put my hands and feet in a cast. We come for checkups every day, my treatment continues.”

“From our state, our nation Allah good luck”

Hasan Topaloğlu stated that his house in Hatay was destroyed in the earthquake.

Stating that his foot was broken due to falling on the stairs, Topaloğlu said, “Thanks to our state, we came to Edirne after the earthquake. he said.

psychosocial support

A Disaster and Trauma Polyclinic was established at Trakya University for citizens affected by the earthquake.

In the polyclinic, where children and young people will be examined without an appointment, psychosocial support and, when necessary, treatment-follow-up services will be provided.

Moreover, Edirne Municipality women and Family Psychosocial support will be provided to earthquake survivors who come to the city by the psychologist and family counselor in the Fatma Şakir Memik Women’s Center Women’s Health Unit affiliated to the Directorate of Services.

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