The eye of the Thrace farmer is on the rain clouds for a productive season

TurkeyIn Thrace, which is one of the important agricultural production centers of Turkey, farmers expect precipitation for a productive season.

Edirne President of the Chamber of Agriculture Huseyin ArabaciHe told Anadolu Agency (AA) that drought has been affecting the region for a long time.

Reminding that wheat is planted in dry soil, Arabacı stated that the rains that come intermittently during the winter months are enough for the plant to complete its first development, but the rainfall is insufficient for the fertilization period.

Expressing that the rain has shown its effect in the last few days, Arabacı said:

“Before this precipitation, the majority of the producers threw their fertilizers. We received an average of 8-11 kilograms of precipitation. This melted the fertilizer we threw and met the need of the wheat to some extent, but we cannot say that it is sufficient precipitation. Hopefully, the precipitation will continue in the coming days. In general, we have a dry year. “The rainfall we receive at regular intervals relieves the crop to some extent, but is insufficient. Our rivers flow at the same flow rates as in summer. We need a strong rainfall to saturate the soil with water.”

Paddy Measures are taken to plant

Ipsala Sedat Balcılar, President of Rice Producers Association, stated that there may be difficulties in paddy cultivation due to drought.

Reminding that the district meets most of Turkey’s paddy needs on its own, Balcılar said, “When you look at the water level in the dams and rivers, it is seen that it is very low. Flooding works are carried out to increase the amount of water in the dams. The water level in the Hamzadere Dam increased to 140 million cubic meters. It is struggling to add another 20 million cubic meters.” said.

Kirklareli and Tekirdag

Ekrem Şaylan, President of Kırklareli Chamber of Agriculture, stated that the driest period of the last 12 years has been experienced and therefore the cultivated wheat is in distress.

Explaining that the region received 10 kilograms of precipitation per square meter yesterday, Şaylan said, “The condition of our dams is very low. We have sunflower and corn planting ahead of us. We cannot plant corn under these conditions. We will have to plant sunflowers instead.” he said.

Sweetcorn Şaylan stated that if there is no cultivation, there may be problems in terms of plant and feed, and said:

“If it rains in April and May, maybe our dams will reach a certain level. The soil could not store water either. I have not seen or experienced such a drought for many years. We are going through a really troublesome process, believe me, we are losing sleep. We cannot fertilize the cultivated areas because there is no precipitation. “A drought coming from summer. If it rains, it will relieve our 10 days. The plant will recover a little. But believe me, we need a lot of rain. This precipitation only saves the day.”

In Tekirdağ, Süleymanpaşa Chamber of Agriculture President İmdat Saygı noted that there is a slight rainfall throughout the province, but the soil below 30 centimeters in cultivated agricultural areas is still dry.

Saying that the farmer expects precipitation, Saygı said, “Cold and precipitation are very important in agricultural areas. There has not been precipitation at the point we desire. We are examining the agricultural areas. The soil is dry.” used the phrases.

Son Dika Current Thrace farmer’s eyes are on rain clouds for a productive season – Last Minute

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