The Fed has announced its interest rate decision! How has crypto and gold been affected?

US Federal Reserve Bank (FED) made the long-awaited announcement. With the new decision of the FED, the interest rate 25 baz points increased. With this development, interest rate increases slowed down. Bank interest too %4,504,75 has risen to the band.

US raises interest rates by 25 basis points

With the statement made at the February meeting, the FED lowered the policy rate. 25 baz He said he increased his score. Following this increase, the policy rate %4,5 – 4,75 has been in range. Sources stated that the decision was taken unanimously.

The Federal Reserve Bank (FED) said in a statement. inflation He stated that he was somewhat relieved, but at this stage, he was still on a high course. This signaled that interest rate hikes will continue.

Fed rate decision

By reducing the rate of increase in December of last year, 50 basis points had taken the decision. In the past year, the Fed has done 4 times in total. 75’s decided to increase it by a basis point. The previous statements made by the authorities indicated that the tight process would loosen in the future.

What is the latest situation on the crypto and gold side with the latest FED decision?

After the FED’s new interest rate decision, (BTC) currently according to the latest CoinMarketCap data 23.110 in dollar band. (ETH) if 1.518 traded in dollars. Quarter gold, 1.914 TL, gram gold 1.161 TL and Ounce gold 36.231 It is traded in TL.

The next meeting of the Fed is 21 ve 22 Mart will take place between

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