The first big layoff news of the new year came from Amazon

we left behind year 2022, He will be remembered with economic troubles, news of raises and layoffs. However, the first news of the year 2023 shows that it may not be much different. Accordingly, if the allegations are true, Amazon, one of the world’s largest brands, will start laying off workers as of the second half of January, and approximately the day these layoffs are completed. 18,000 people He will lose his job.

Actually not much more a few months ago, Back in November, in a special news about Amazon, it was stated that the company was considering the option of layoffs in order to reduce costs, and within this scope, it was preparing to terminate the employment of approximately 10,000 employees.

The first big layoff news of the new year came from Amazon

However, passing in 2 months the fact that this number has almost doubled has shown that things are not going well in the sector. On the other hand, the adventure of dismissal is limited to Amazon. extremely a difficult prospect.

As a matter of fact, in a research conducted only on companies last year, , Meta, , Many companies, including the largest companies in the world, such as 155 bin It was understood that the person had been fired.

Finally Amazon Let us remind you that it was stated in the previous statements made by the company that financial assistance will be given to the dismissed people and that these people will be helped to find a new job.

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