The five best driving games on Xbox Series X

Assetto Corsa Competizione

We’ll be brutally honest, Assetto Corsa Competizione wasn’t really released in a proper state when it first arrived on last-gen consoles. That’s because it’s an incredibly complex computer simulator that almost certainly does more calculations per second than the process of sending a human to the moon. Aging Xbox One hardware just couldn’t keep up with the math, and frankly, that’s how we feel every time we watch Countdown.

If you have an Xbox Series X though, ACC will perform much better, with sharp 4K graphics, fast load times and decent frame rates. As the most advanced driving simulator on console, it takes the ever-popular GT3-class race cars and simulates them with such accuracy that it probably models the driver’s tumbling lunch. Even if you can’t give a flying front splitter about the numbers, it offers up close and exciting racing that’s fascinating to watch.

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