The goal of Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa Women’s Handball Team is to finish the league in the top five.

Competing in the Handball Women’s Super League Tekirdag Mülahim Kuru, the club president of Süleymanpaşa, said that they finished seventh in the first half of the league and that they wanted to be in the top five in the second half.

Kuru stated to the AA correspondent that the team played good matches in the last weeks of the league.

Explaining that they formed a good team at the beginning of the season and that only 3-4 players remained from last year’s team, Kuru said, “All of them are new transfers. It was a little difficult for these new players to mix with each other in the first week of the league. There was also a fixture disadvantage. “We played with teams that have become the best. These matches were also negative for us. Despite these negativities, we finished seventh in the first half of the league with 6 points.” said.

Kuru stated that they aim to finish the season in fifth place.

Stating that they will play with strong teams in their own field in the second half and that they are more likely to score points from these matches, Kuru said, “We have a goal of being fifth or sixth at the end of the season. We will have a chance to play in Europe if we finish fifth. We play matches. We make the voices of our Thrace and Tekirdağ heard in Europe.” he said.

Emphasizing that they do not have big goals for the first season in Europe, Kuru said:

“First of all, let’s go to Europe, play a few matches, gain experience. Next year, we set our target a little higher. When handball was mentioned 3 years ago, nobody wanted to come to Tekirdağ. Currently, there are 10 teams playing in the Super League. Now more than half of the players. He wants to choose either the champion team or Tekirdağ. We can say that Tekirdağ is the second preferred team in the Super League. So there is a good atmosphere in every aspect. We have a very nice team. They work as sisters and brothers. They have become a complete team. all Turkey He sees and knows.”

Son Dika Sport Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa Women’s Handball Team’s goal is to finish in the top five – Last Minute

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