The meteorological drought in Thrace adversely affects agricultural production.

Drought adversely affects agricultural production in Thrace.

With the global climate change, the prolongation of dry periods and the imbalance in precipitation cause yield losses in agricultural production.

According to the “Standard Precipitation Index” method of the General Directorate of Meteorology, the results of the 3-month drought analysis have been published.

According to the analysis, “extraordinary drought” is experienced in the southern part of Tekirdağ.

Considering the last three years’ data of October, November and December in Thrace, it was seen that while average temperatures increased by 3 degrees, precipitation decreased significantly.

Compared to the previous year, the amount of precipitation in these months decreased 2.5 times in Tekirdağ, 2 times in Edirne, and 3 times in Kırklareli.

Producers in the drought-stricken region had difficulty planting wheat and canola. The farmer had to do most of the planting in dry land.

“We are starting to see the effects of climate change”

Şafak Kırbiç, Chairman of the Board of Trakya Birlik, the largest farmer organization in the region, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the impact of global climate change on agriculture is increasing day by day.

Kırbiç stated that the climate crisis due to global warming showed its effects with extreme weather events and said, “Climate change, which has been an issue that experts have been focusing on for years, was not taken into consideration at first, but in recent years, we have begun to see that the effects of climate change are experienced intensely. Flood disasters on one side and flood disasters on the other. There is a high degree of drought.” said.

“Water is indispensable for agricultural production”

Kırbiç stated that the effects of drought began to be felt in Thrace.

Explaining that water is of vital importance for agricultural production, Kırbiç said:

“The seasonal decrease in precipitation negatively affects agricultural production. Producers want precipitation to occur periodically. We are not happy to have a lot of precipitation in a few months. Because it is important for us that precipitation falls in a balanced way during planting, development and harvesting. The large amount of it does not contribute to production and may even cause flood disasters.

That’s why we need to take the necessary measures regarding climate change. Our state and other countries have started to take measures regarding the fight against erosion, afforestation and some gas emissions that affect the atmosphere. We should be more sensitive to this issue and make efforts to prevent disasters related to climate change.”

“Our farmers are going through a dry period”

Tekirdağ Chamber of Agriculture President İmdat Saygı said that it was a dry period.

Saying that the farmers are not experiencing any problems in wheat planting at the moment, Saygı stated that some of the farmers planting canola had to spoil the fields they planted due to drought.

Emphasizing that the farmers have been struggling with drought in recent years, Saygı said, “Thrace has been experiencing drought in recent years. The rainfall in Tekirdağ is very low this year. There is almost no water in our streams. There does not seem to be a problem with wheat at the moment, but some of our farmers planting canola are trying to spoil their planted areas due to the lack of precipitation. “The planted lands will not be empty. Our farmers will use these lands by planting wheat or sunflowers.” he said.

“Rainfalls are very important to us”

Ekrem Şaylan, President of Kırklareli Chamber of Agriculture, stated that climate change has been felt strongly in recent years.

Şaylan stated that the farmers had a difficult process due to the rains last year.

Reminding that planting was done in September and October in previous years, Şaylan said that this process started to sag in November.

Stating that agricultural drought has increased a lot lately, Şaylan said:

“Now, no precipitation is foreseen for our region for a long time. This is an indication that it will not be good for our producers and our country. Hopefully, we will be wrong and the precipitation will start to fall. These precipitations are very important for us.

We also do irrigated agriculture and we have two very valuable dams. When water accumulates here with precipitation, we have the opportunity to irrigate sunflowers, corn, vegetables and fruits in summer. The drought also affects them. There is an urgent need for rain and snowfall. I think both we and the world will suffer in this drought.”

“Drought resistant seed varieties should be introduced”

Şaylan emphasized the importance of the efficient use of water for the future of agriculture and continued as follows:

“In the past, the precipitation was spread over 2 months or 3 months. Now, when we look at the observations in recent years, the precipitation that should have rained in 2 months is 2-3 days or a week. It rains heavily. If it continues like this, the agriculture sector will be in trouble. “There are some duties that fall. Drought-resistant seed varieties should be put into use. We need to attach great importance to these studies. Because seeds are our everything. If there is a drought, we need to take precautions. We need to use water very well.”

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