The move from Google that affects Android’s security level!

, One of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. It is also the most difficult to protect against various cybersecurity threats, which continue to evolve. , it will overcome this with built-in security features that will be available at the firmware level, some of which will come with a performance boost.

kicks security into fifth gear for

Google announced that they are working on a new way to increase the security of the operating system by strengthening it to the closest level to the real hardware installed.. (for detailed information) The decision is based on the software working in line with its general trend of protecting its less visible components to add more layers of protection against modern cyberthreats.

All devices today are powered by multi-core processors called application processors, accompanied by specialized additional processors for processing images, video and security as well as cellular communications. Known as systems-on-a-chip or SoCs, this protected by firmware.

Google is increasing the security level of Android users!

Malicious people often look at this part of the software stack and target the system, finding bugs and vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This level of attack allows Google to deploy a large number of OEMs to deploy security fixes in a timely manner., , Xiaomi, etc.) causes them to have to coordinate with their business partner. This is particularly worrying for Google.

Google has a well-rounded plan to strengthen the security of the platform. The company first wants to increase security even further with compiler-based fixers that catch memory security issues early in the software development process.

Second, it will aim to work with hardware partners by adding memory security features through the firmware. These would need to prevent any critical memory errors and include a mechanism that resets memory pages before being allocated by an application. This will also really remove any random data left behind by a different app.

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