The occupancy rate of the Naip Dam in Tekirdağ dropped to 28 percent.

TekirdagDue to insufficient rainfall in Naip Dam in Turkey, the water level decreased to 28 percent.

The dam, which was built in the Naip District and has a water capacity of 21 million cubic meters, provides drinking water to some neighborhoods of the Süleymanpaşa district.

The occupancy rate of the Naip Dam, whose water level fell due to the lack of precipitation in the region, was measured as 28 percent.

Tekirdağ Water and Sewerage Administration General Manager (TESKİ) Turhan Toprak told reporters that 6.5 million cubic meters of water remained in the dam, which has a capacity of 21 million cubic meters of water.

Expressing that according to the annual average precipitation data in Tekirdağ, 600 kilograms of precipitation falls per square meter, Toprak said, “The average precipitation in recent years is 350 kilograms per square meter. Therefore, we see that there is a decrease in precipitation by about 50 percent. It shows that we are facing a significant drought in recent years. We’re seeing a huge impact.” said.

Noting that important breakthroughs should be made around the world to prevent climate change, Toprak said that citizens should also use water sparingly.

Emphasizing that the underground water reserves in some regions have decreased significantly, especially with the increase in the industry and accordingly the population in Thrace, Toprak continued as follows:

“Thrace has fallen below the dangerous zone in underground waters. Therefore, Thrace has started to go towards water scarcity. There is a great risk in terms of both surface waters and groundwater. In order to prevent this, decisions must be made at the highest level, at the level of country policies. It is necessary to change the direction of the industry, It is necessary to change the direction of the population. If we do not do something at the world level in terms of climate change, let’s say that climate change and global warming will take our region among the arid provinces.”

Son Dika Current The occupancy rate of the Naip Dam in Tekirdağ dropped to 28 percent – Last Minute

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