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In the aid campaign initiated by the Ergene Municipality for the earthquake victims under the coordination of the Ergene District Governorate, the citizens of Ergene became one heart for the earthquake victims.

Ergene Municipality launched an aid campaign under the coordination of Ergene District Governor’s Office for the Kahramanmaraş earthquake, which brought great sadness to our country, and for the 10 provinces affected by this earthquake. In the Ergene Municipality Cultural Center building, the collection of gloves, coats, boots, berets, winter clothes for children, heaters, beds, blankets, food parcels, diapers, women’s pads and cleaning hygiene materials that earthquake survivors most need has started. Citizens, who heard the call for help, started to bring aid boxes to the Ergene Municipality Cultural Center building in a short time.

At the Ergene Municipality Cultural Center building, Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel, Deputy Mayor Ayça Albayraktar, municipal personnel and volunteer citizens received the aid materials that arrived until midnight.

Citizens of Ergene, who are one heart for earthquake victims, showed very good examples of cooperation. Citizens delivered aid materials to the Cultural Center flocking until late at night.

Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel, who said that we will get through these difficult days together, one day, said, “In order to heal the wounds of the earthquake in our country, in the freezing cold weather with one heart, our citizens who came to our Cultural Center building until late at night, who brought their help, sorted the products and packed them. I sincerely thank our municipal staff and volunteer citizens. With the support of our citizens, the spirit of unity and solidarity mobilization, we will overcome this difficult process together. God bless everyone,” he said.

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