The reaction of the Western Thrace Turks to the football field project on the historical Turkish cemetery continues

Mustafa Trampa, the Elected Mufti of Xanthi, about a year ago West ThraceThe works to build a football field on the Ottoman-era Muslim cemetery belonging to the minority in Horozlu village of Xanthi, with the decision taken by the Bulustra Municipality in , TurkeyHe said it was stopped when he took ownership of the issue.

In a statement to the AA correspondent, Trampa stated that they started cleaning works at that time so that the cemetery would not look derelict, and said, “We carried out a cleaning operation, which lasted for about 6 months, with the construction equipment allocated by the municipality, under the supervision of our religious officials working in the surrounding villages. All this was done by the late Mufti Ahmet Mete. Shortly after the cleaning works, the municipality tried to occupy the place. Sport We learned that he is planning to turn it into a field.”

The decision was withdrawn after the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Trampa stated that the tombstones were dismantled and broken within the scope of the works, and that the works were stopped after Turkey published a statement on the subject. Trump continued:

“Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu made a very important statement in terms of ownership. They expressed that this was definitely not possible and was condemned. After this statement, the issue gained an international dimension. Immediately after the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the municipality had to retract this decision by holding a meeting again. “

Trampa said, “The steps taken to keep the land as a cemetery were glossed over by the Greek authorities. GreeceTurkey is doing its best to remove the traces of Ottoman historical monuments such as baths, mosques, madrasas and cemeteries, both throughout the country and in Western Thrace.”

“We saw that the historical remains of our ancestors disappeared”

Xanthi by the Radical Left Alliance SYRIZA Deputy Huseyin Zeybek He also stated that the relevant authorities were contacted immediately after the incident, and that the opposition, as a full staff, opposed this decision.

Zeybek said, “We saw that the historical remains of our ancestors were destroyed by the destruction of an old cemetery belonging to the Ottoman period by the municipality,” Zeybek said. He told me he was coming.

Expressing that Muslim cemeteries are different from Christian cemeteries, Zeybek noted that the ownership of Muslim cemeteries belongs to the minority, and that they continue to be cemeteries even if they are not used.

Emphasizing that the legal process on the subject was deliberately delayed, Zeybek stated that if the government changes, a different perspective will be brought to this issue.

Zeybek also said that the stones removed from the cemetery were taken under protection by the Western Thrace Turkish community in Xanthi.

Greece’s attempt to build a football field in the Turkish cemetery

In March, the workers of the Bulustra Municipality started work on the historical cemetery and almost destroyed the cemetery.

Local media reports stated that the mayor of Bulustra, Yorgos Çitiridis, admitted that the place in question was a Muslim cemetery, but that there was no board of trustees in the village, and that it was decided to build a football field on the historical cemetery.

The work was stopped after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the cognate deputies in Xanthi reacted to the decision.

“Necessary initiatives have been taken in Greece about the inhuman act”

In a written statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the destruction of the cemetery on March 16 was condemned and “Necessary steps have been taken before Greece regarding the inhuman act, which is understood to have been carried out on the orders of the Mayor of Bulustra (Avdira).” expression was included.

In the statement, it was stated that the Greek authorities, who responded positively to Turkey’s initiatives, were expected to complete the investigation they started by showing the necessary sensitivity and to restore the cemetery as soon as possible.

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