The reaction to the closure case against the Western Thrace Fenerbahce Fans Sports-Culture Association continues.

West Thrace Fenerbahce The Turkish minority institutions and organizations in Western Thrace reacted to the closure case against the Sports-Culture Association, whose supporters implied a Turkish minority in its name.

Friendship, Equality, Peace (DEB) Party Chairman Çiğdem Asafoğlu, in her message on the closure case opened on Wednesday, March 1, published on social media, Greece He stated that it would not be acceptable to ask for the dissolution of an association whose establishment was approved by the court.

Emphasizing that the desire to close another non-governmental organization in Western Thrace upset the Turks of Western Thrace, Asafoğlu said, “In accordance with Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, everyone has the right to peacefully assemble and form associations. For trivial reasons, just because there is a Turkish concept in their name. “Our associations working for the benefit of society were closed without any crimes. Trying to add a new one to them means another blow to our freedom of assembly, association, thought and conscience.” used the phrases.

In the statement published by the European Western Thrace Turkish Federation (ABTTF), it was emphasized that this unlawfulness would not remain silent and the case would not be accepted.

The statement stated that the closure case against the Western Thrace Fenerbahce Fans Sports-Culture Association is actually a sign of how strong the attitudes, prejudices and stereotypes towards Western Thrace Turkish society are at all levels, including the judiciary.

“Because, as our association has stated, Fenerbahce’s Association has not carried out any work or activity outside of the charter since its establishment, and has acted within the limits of the charter as a supporters’ association. However, we all know that the Western Thrace Fenerbahce Association has been a target since the first day it was founded. Supreme Court Even the Honorary President of this association demanded the annulment of the registration decision, claiming that it harmed national interests and threatened public safety.

Komotini In the indictment prepared by its prosecutor, Maria Kapetanyanni, it was claimed that the minority living in the region was a Muslim minority by rejecting their Turkish identity.

It was claimed that the name of the association was against the law on the grounds that it could create an implication of the Turkish minority, and a request was made for closure of the association.

the case, 22 Mart He is expected to appear in the Rhodope Single Judge Civil Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

The former prime minister also demanded the closure of the association.

Former Greek Supreme Court President and former Greek Prime Minister Vasiliki Thanu also called for the closure of the Western Thrace Fenerbahce Fans Sports-Culture Association, claiming that “it poses a threat to public safety”.

In an article he published, Thanu argued that the association poses a threat to public safety and should be shut down.

The expression “Western Thrace” in the name of the association is only Turkey Claiming that it was an expression used by the Greeks, Thanu called on the Greek courts to review their decisions.

Western Thrace Fenerbahçe Fans Sports-Culture Association started its activities in October 2022 after all permissions were given by the relevant court in Komotini.

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