The struggle with vector continues

Keşan Municipality Veterinary Affairs Manager Serkan Doğru gave information about the vector control studies carried out by the directorate and stated that they continue to increase their efforts to increase the welfare and quality standards of their citizens in Keşan and adjacent areas.
Underlining that the most important factor in the vector struggle is the physical struggle, Doğru said, “At the beginning of the physical struggles; creek improvement works, septic tank, removal of our water explosions, rehabilitation of our wild garbage areas and fight against larvae. The main goal of this struggle is to prevent vectors such as mosquitoes and houseflies from drying out and breeding at their source. In this struggle, in the winter season of 2022; We have carried out stream improvement works in the center of Keşan, Mecidiye, Erikli, Danişment and Yayla beaches.” said.
Underlining that as Keşan Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate, they have been fighting for 10 periods of larvae every 20 days in Keşan and its adjacent areas since the beginning of the year, and stated that the biocidal products they use are effective against mosquito larvae and do not harm other living things and the environment. , cesspool wells, ornamental pools, unused swimming pools, water sources accumulating under buildings, water accumulating on flower beds, waste unused vehicle tires, streams, paddy fields are the most important mosquito breeding areas. For these areas, struggle is carried out by using larvicides suitable for larvae control every 20 days. he said.
Serkan Doğru noted that the housefly control is carried out for 10 periods every 25-30 days on average, and said: “The housefly control includes animal weights, manure, garbage bins, and wild storage areas. The most important factor in the formation of houseflies is that the bags thrown in the trash are open, the fruits under the fruit trees rot and the lids of the garbage containers are left open. If attention is paid to these issues, the housefly problem will be solved. The housefly struggle continues uninterruptedly in the areas where litter and manure are collected.”
Emphasizing that the on-vehicle cold fogging (ULV) fight is not an effective method and stating that their aim is to fight while they are larvae, Doğru said, “We conduct studies on rodents, rats, mice, manholes, sewers and rodents where they can live, once a month throughout the year. The derelict buildings, which is another problem of Keşan, are under our control. We will continue our work by increasing our quality standards for the welfare of our people.”
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