The support of the Thracian tradesmen to the earthquake region continues

Described as “the disaster of the century” from Thrace Kahramanmaras Aid continues to the regions affected by the earthquakes.

Kirklareli ve TekirdagCharitable tradesmen in different business lines will donate their daily proceeds to help earthquake zones.

Baker in Kırklareli Hakan Reyhanproduced bread to donate its daily proceeds to the victims.

Reyhan, who hung a banner “All our proceeds will be sent to earthquake victims” on the window of his business, offered services to the citizens in order to help the disaster victims.

Reyhan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he was deeply saddened by the earthquake that affected 11 provinces in Kahramanmaraş.

For those who lost their lives in the earthquake AllahWishing mercy and healing to the injured, Reyhan stated that all citizens are in unity and solidarity to heal the wounds of the earthquake.

In order to support the charity campaign, one day’s revenue AFADReyhan said she would donate to . If it happens, we’ll say how happy we are.” he said.

Efkan Kılıç, a tradesman in Tekirdağ, stated that he was extremely upset about the earthquake disaster in the country and said that such a disaster had never been seen before.

Stating that he personally went to the region and supported the aid campaigns, Kılıç said that he wanted to support the earthquake victims who came to Tekirdağ.

Stressing that he is confident that the difficult days will be overcome with solidarity, Kılıç said, “Everyone, especially our state, helps our families in the earthquake. I, as a tradesman, will give them today’s earnings in order to help the families who came to our city from the earthquake region.” he said.

Noting that the citizens are extremely sensitive, Kılıç said that some citizens pay their bills by crying.

Mehmet Aybuğa, one of the customers, also stated that the difficult days will be overcome with solidarity.

EdirneHelp and support from

In Edirne, within the scope of aid campaigns coordinated by the Governor’s Office Architect Sinan Sport The materials collected in the Hall are sorted and put into boxes.

Then the materials loaded on the trucks are sent to the earthquake zone.

The needs of the earthquake victims hosted in the city are met through the social market.

Clothing, food, hygiene products and all necessary products are provided free of charge to the earthquake victims in the social market established in the gym.

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