The technology giant has decided to withdraw from Turkey!

, While it started to provide official service in our country, it became the agenda with many investment news. The company, which opened a smartphone factory in our country, was able to provide many productions from here. Last month, production stopped at this factory due to the lack of qualified personnel and global supply problems. Now , It is closing some of its branches in Turkey. There is no official statement about the withdrawal yet.

for a long time Claims that Turkey will withdraw from Turkey are on the agenda. For example Turkey’s PR agency Although the contract with the company expired three months ago, this contract has not been renewed and new PR agency There are rumors that it is not understood. The company, which has been unsuccessful in terms of sales recently, may be withdrawing despite the large investments they have made in our country.

which has not been on sale in our country recently. flagships exists. Instead, it moderates its activities in Turkey. segment The company, which continued with phones, was charging more for these devices than other companies it competed with. In summary, reasons such as sales failure, increased costs and the cessation of factory production due to the lack of qualified personnel. It seems to push Turkey to withdraw from our country.

Realme, , iQOO v BBK Electronics, which owns the brands, also owns Oppo. In general, Oppo in its position in our country; in the field of smartphone models, smart watches and wireless headphones ve He was trying to compete with The company, which does not enter the flagship competition in our country, may carry out its activities in Turkey with slightly lower marketing budgets in the coming days.

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