The traffic accident detection feature of the iPhone 14 series has saved lives!

As it is known, has recently offered accident detection for iPhones and fall detection for Watches to its users. In this way, any dangerous situation experienced by the users is detected and action is taken.

The traffic accident detection feature of the iPhone 14 series has saved lives!

Recently, Watch managed to save the life of another user by realizing that there was a traffic accident. A user named @Ezra_Black_ announced this situation on his account with the following words;

“My Watch Ultra detected a collision and tonight a drunk driver immediately called emergency services and my partner after getting hit. I am safe. Thank you .”

What is Traffic Accident Detection?

If your iPhone 14 detects a serious traffic accident, it can help you connect to the emergency room and notify your emergency contacts.

How does Traffic Accident Detection work?

If your iPhone detects a serious traffic accident, it displays an alert and automatically initiates an emergency phone call after 20 seconds unless you give up. If you don’t answer, your iPhone plays a voice message to the emergency services to notify you of a serious accident, giving them an approximate call radius with your latitude and longitude coordinates.

When a traffic accident is detected, Traffic Accident Detection does not override existing emergency calls made by other means.

If you are in a serious traffic accident in a location without cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity and you are not responding, iPhone attempts to contact emergency services using Satellite and Emergency SOS where available.

Turn Traffic Accident Detection on or off

Traffic Accident Detection is on by default. Settings to turn off alerts and automatic emergency calls from Apple after a serious accident The traffic accident detection feature of the iPhone 14 series has saved lives!  - Picture : 1 Go to > Emergency SOS, then turn off Call After Heavy Traffic Accident. If your device has third-party applications registered to detect traffic accidents, these applications will still be notified.

If you have CarPlay or an Apple Watch

If Traffic Accident Detection is turned on on your iPhone and your iPhone is connected to your vehicle via CarPlay, the Traffic Accident Detection features (call the emergency service) pass over your iPhone.

If your Apple Watch is on your wrist at the time of the incident, emergency services will be called by your iPhone, but Traffic Accident Detection features will be routed through the Apple Watch.

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