The USA announced that it has blacklisted the famous Chinese company!

The U.S. Department of Commerce, by amending Export Administration Regulations, named some major companies blacklisting. Exactly 37 new names have been added to this Entity List, which identifies all foreign entities that US companies cannot do business with.

Most of the blacklisted organizations are Chinese companies and their influence is quite high. It also includes various government agencies, national research centers, equipment manufacturers and private software companies.

USA continues to mess with China

It is quite interesting that nearly half of the companies added to the list are added to the list where they contribute to the ballistic and nuclear missile programs in China and its allied states. Because the USA is also carrying out its own nuclear program and research and development with some of its allies.

Loongson ve Inspur Many of the remaining organizations, including companies of the People’s Liberation Army, are accused of buying American technologies on behalf of the People’s Liberation Army. We’ve all seen its military use Loongson CPUs when China banned its export to Russia last year to protect its own supply.

America can start a war with China at any time!

Entities on the Entity List were normally prohibited from purchasing or licensing American technologies, even indirectly. Loongson is one of the companies that has a small CPU lineup built on a 12 nm node with performance comparable to and CPUs from a few generations ago, which is pretty important to China.

Another Chinese company, Inspur, is the third largest server provider in the world, with 10% of the global market. It now has its finger in all popular areas, including artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing and storage. In the United States last September, Chinese companies were robbed of American manufacturers, especially , ve ’and passed a law that made it harder for him to buy the latest hardware.

This latest incident was against China’s tech industry four years ago. It is only the last of the increasing US attacks that started with the USA and it looks like it will continue to increase.

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