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It was reported that 2 gendarmerie personnel were martyred and one refugee died in the accident that occurred as a result of the rear-end collision of the bus carrying Moroccan refugees in Mersin, accompanied by military personnel. It was reported that 33 people were injured in the accident.

The accident occurred in the Tarsus-Pozantı Highway Damlama region. According to the information received, the bus under the administration of Uğur Kaplan, carrying military personnel and refugees, hit the truck under the direction of Ramazan Sayıl, which was traveling in the same direction.

In the accident, 2 military personnel were martyred, one refugee died. It was learned that 33 people were injured in the accident. An investigation was launched by the Tarsus Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the accident in which the bus was burned to ashes. The two drivers of the vehicle, who escaped unharmed, were taken into custody.

In the statement made by the Tarsus Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, “2 Petty Officers at the Gaziantep Provincial Gendarmerie Command, accompanied by 9 Specialist Erbaş, the patrol launched to take 27 Moroccan immigrants to Kırklareli GGM, on 17.01.2023 at 01.30, TEM Highway Taşobası was on the dispatch while on the road in the Adana-Ankara direction. As a result of the rear-end collision of the bus carrying iron with the truck, the bus burned down, resulting in a fatal and injured traffic accident. Upon the transfer of the incident to our Tarsus Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, a judicial investigation was immediately initiated and the on-duty public prosecutor went to the scene. As a result of the crime scene investigation carried out by the Public Prosecutor and crime scene investigation teams, it was seen that 2 non-commissioned officers and 7 expert non-commissioned officers were injured in various parts of the accident and 2 personnel could not be reached.

It was determined that 3 people lost their lives in the fire that occurred in the bus after the accident. It was evaluated that 2 people who lost their lives were Gendarmerie personnel in the vehicle and the other deceased person was a migrant. Following the completion of the work carried out at the crime scene, the deceased were examined and sent to Adana Forensic Medicine Institute for classical autopsy for identification. The truck and bus driver involved in the accident were detained. Upon the determination of the defect situation, the process of referral to the court will be completed. The investigation continues meticulously,” it said.

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