The water wells and cisterns around it keep Selimiye alive with the orthostat laying technique.

Architect SinanThe orthostat laying technique used in the construction of Selimiye Mosque, the masterwork of ‘s, and the water wells and cisterns built around it, keep the structure standing against earthquakes and disasters for centuries.

Mehmet, the General Manager of the Sinan and Selimiye Mosque Foundation (SİSEV) Ali Esmertold Anadolu Agency (AA) that Selimiye, which was built between 1568 and 1575, was built using the most advanced techniques of the period.

Master Architect Esmer, who is also a restoration expert, stated that there have been earthquakes in Anatolia and Thrace for hundreds of years, and that the structures built in the past years were designed accordingly.

Esmer emphasized that Mimar Sinan first made the ground strong while building Selimiye.

Stating that the ground was strengthened with the orthostat laying technique, Esmer said, “Heavy blocks were placed on top of the rock stones. said.

Esmer pointed out that Sinan used materials suitable for the climate and geography of the city in Selimiye, which made the building strong.

Stating that the water wells and cisterns built around Selimiye are of great importance in terms of building statics, Esmer said:

“The most important issue is the water wells and cisterns built around it. The purpose of the construction of the cisterns and wells is to prevent the underground parts of the structure from being affected by moisture and to prevent them from rotting. That is, they are for drainage purposes. They know how the cistern and well cavities dampened earthquake waves at that time.

Currently, there are 3 cisterns and 2 wells standing. Surely there were more at that time, but the region has been changing over the centuries. The currently active cisterns work very well. At the same time, there are ventilation channels under Selimiye. These channels keep the foundations dry and solid.”

Esmer said that Selimiye’s 4 minarets carry the weight of the dome and ensure that the structure remains strong.

Esmer explained that Mimar Sinan designed the minarets with meticulous calculations. he said.

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