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Those who remained outside the earthquake zone woke up on the morning of February 6 to bad news, the magnitude of which they still could not understand. If we look at our history full of the painful experiences of the earthquake, the picture may be much worse than we think.


At the time of this writing, 24 hours had passed since the incident. Earthquake scientist Prof. Dr. According to Ahmet Ercan, after this hour, at most, 5 percent of those waiting to be rescued under the rubble can be rescued. In other words, apart from the odd “miracle” news that will make headlines in a few days, the biggest news is about tens, hundreds, – we don’t have a language to say – maybe thousands of people who are still dying…


We will understand better when the sun comes up on the morning of February 7, when we enter the towns, neighborhoods and villages that have not yet been reached, that the wreckage is much bigger than we thought. And it will take much longer than we thought to heal these post-debris wounds.


No need to bend the word. We all know why this wreck is so big. We can only guess where the earthquake taxes, which have been squandered for a quarter of a century, are going. We are witnessing all together that what needs to be done under the name of urban transformation is rent-based transformation, and in places where there is no rent, even the essence of transformation is not read.


We have been saying for years that a country whose foreign loans, equities and various incomes are invested in concrete will be paralyzed after the first shock if it is left in the hands of the peasant cunning contractors. Again, we are wasting our years with the tax debts of those contractors that are cleared billions, the profiteering they made, the news of commissions they gave to the politicians.


Not taking precautions against earthquakes is a political choice. Instead of using the country’s resources to build indestructible buildings, this political choice is a choice willingly chosen by governments that want to make their own power indestructible by distributing alms to a people who are trapped in poverty.


Turkey will vote on this choice exactly three months later. The size of the wreckage and economic data at the end of 20 years of choice show that we are all at least half impoverished. The phrase “We have taken over the wreckage” is a phrase that has become a buzzword after every change in power in this country. Those who will take over power this time will be faced with a tangible wreck that turns into tragedy beyond being an idiom. Because within three months, even the wreckage of some buildings will not be completely removed yet.


If the debris we were under was just concrete, our job would be easy. From sociology to economics, from cultural development to a sustainable life, we are under a much bigger wreck than we think. Remember, the next election will be made by dying under the rubble, to get out of the wreckage even if injured. The ballot box will either be a nest that collapses on the people; or this lonely and beautiful country, which was under the rubble when the ballot box was hard to come out, will be completely rebuilt from its ashes.


In short;

The wreckage is in that ballot box in a much bigger political than we think.

The wreckage is much bigger than we thought…

The wreckage we thought…


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