They didn’t even tweet! Starbucks at the center of reactions

As you know, we experienced an unprecedented disaster in our country. in our Southeastern Anatolia region earthquake affecting 10 provinces, It was 7.6 magnitude. However, the second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 occurred after this earthquake, further increasing the destructiveness of the disaster. After all these events, rescue teams were sent to the region, while the whole of Turkey was mobilized.

They didn’t even tweet! Starbucks at the center of reactions

Along with the state, many non-governmental organizations also went to the region. In addition, the private sector did not remain indifferent to the disaster that occurred. aid trucks Hatay, Adiyaman, As it started to reach cities like Kahramanmaraş, which felt the earthquake the most, it turned out that the most serious problem in the region was electricity. Many volunteers who want to help earthquake victims go to the area It is among the incoming information that the traffic makes things even more difficult.

Although the private sector and big brands have started to help earthquake victims, some companies unfortunately remain silent. Help aside, a relevant tweet bile The expulsion angered the citizens.

In the focus of reactions, the famous coffee producer Starbucks there is. Starbucks, which has not shared anything from its official account until recently, has been harshly criticized by social media users. After these criticisms, Starbucks Turkey, exactly 4 days after the earthquake ’and “Starbucks Turkey as in these difficult days; From the first moment of the earthquake, we have been in contact with our managers in the earthquake area and closely follow the work done.” He shared the form. The company also said that they provide catering at road stores within the framework of safety rules.

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