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Immediately after the earthquake that occurred in the Pazarcık District of Kahramanmaraş and was felt strongly in the surrounding provinces, a support team of 46 people, including AFAD, fire brigade, UMKE and 112 Emergency Health teams, moved to the earthquake region from Tekirdağ.

At the first stage, the search and rescue team, consisting of 10 personnel and 2 emergency response vehicles, gathered from the Tekirdağ Disaster Emergency AFAD Provincial Directorate building and moved to the earthquake zone after completing all the preparations.

15 people in 3 teams, 9 people in 3 ambulances, 4 vehicles and 12 personnel from Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Search and Rescue Branch Directorate moved to the earthquake zone from Tekirdağ UMKE, which is affiliated to the Tekirdağ Provincial Health Directorate Emergency Health Services Presidency.

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