They pedaled for health

Keşan Municipality, , , , DOCHEK The 1st Keşan Cycling Tour, which was prepared in cooperation with SARDOS and SARDOS cycling groups, was held.
The event, which started at 10:00 in front of Keşan Yusuf Cross School of Applied Sciences; Keşan Mayor Mustafa Helvacıoğlu, Keşan District National Education Director İlhan Saz, DOÇEK President Hakan Eşme, SARDOS President Faruk Eker, Edirne Provincial President Sebahattin Bilgiç, DOÇEK and SARDOS members, students and citizens attended with their bicycles.
Hundreds of people enjoyed cycling together at the event, which started in front of the School of Applied Sciences.
Keşan Mayor Mustafa Helvacıoğlu, who also rides bicycles with his fellow countrymen on the route determined within the scope of the tour, underlined that they are working with the aim of contributing to the quality of life of its citizens by increasing the bicycle lanes in Keşan and expressed that they are making great efforts to increase the use of bicycles in the city and to raise healthy generations.
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