They sold the technological equipment of the US army over the Internet!

This included fingerprints, iris scans, photographs, names and descriptions of officials, many from Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the report, many of them worked with the US military and could be targeted if the devices fell into the wrong hands.

led by Matthias Marx Chaos Computer Club A group of researchers named eBay bought six of the devices for under $200. A 2021 report by The Intercept that the Taliban seized similar US military biometric devices encouraged them to make the purchase. Therefore, they wanted to see if they contained identifying data about people who helped the U.S. Army that could put them at risk.

According to the report, they were “shocked” by the results. Names, nationalities, etc. of 2,632 people on a device memory card. your photos, They found fingerprints and iris scans. Other metadata showed the tools were used near Kandahar, Afghanistan in the summer of 2012. Another device used in Jordan in 2013 involved fingerprints and iris scans of a small group of US military personnel.

About devices to the 2011 manual According to this, such devices are used to detect insurgents, to detect local and third-country nationals. to US bases It was used to authenticate access and connect people to events. “It’s disturbing that the US military isn’t even trying to protect data,” Marx told the NY Times. “They don’t care about risk, or they ignore risk,” he said.

They sold the technological equipment of the US army over the Internet!

A device at a military auction Purchased and the seller said he was not aware that the device contains sensitive data. Sensitive information was stored on a memory card, so the US military could eliminate the risk by simply removing or destroying the cards before selling them.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Brig, “Since we have not reviewed the information contained on the devices, the ministry cannot verify the authenticity of the alleged data or make any other comment on it,” he said. General Patrick S. Ryder to the Times. “The department requests that any device deemed to contain personally identifiable information be returned for further analysis.” made the statement.

The group plans to delete personally identifiable information found on devices, given the sensitivity of the information. Another researcher has used such devices. found that people are not safe even if they change their identities and US government states that he should be granted asylum.

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