They support their peers who experienced the ‘disaster of the century’ with the notes they put in their aid packages.

Described as “the disaster of the century” Kahramanmaras After the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes affecting 10 centered cities, aid campaigns continue to be increasingly supported by Thrace.

Women, men, young and old continue to support aid campaigns.

Children come to the aid points with their families and send their money, toys and belongings out of their piggy bank to earthquake victims.

The notes left by the little ones in the aid boxes also make those who see it emotional.

“I love this coat, but it’s yours to warm you up”

KirklareliChildren who support the aid campaigns organized in Turkey with their families also write “emotional” notes.

Citizens bring items and materials to be used in the earthquake zone, especially clothes, food, blankets and personal hygiene materials, to the aid collection areas.

Earthquake Notes on some toys, coats and shoes brought to the region to be sent to the region cause tears to shed.

Kerem from Kırklareli is one of the hundreds of thousands of children who send aid to the victims of the disaster. Kerem supported the donations sent by his family by putting his favorite coat in it.

Kerem expressed his support by saying, “Hello my friend, I am Kerem. I love this coat, but it’s yours to warm you up. I’m 6.5 years old. Kırklareli.” He sent it with a note he wrote.

Deniz Ata Çakır, 7 years old, wrote in her note, “Dear brothers, we know that you are going through great pain. These bad days will also be left behind. We are ready to do everything we can for you. Hope to see you in very nice and very happy days. AllahHe conveyed his feelings with the following expressions.

Tekirdag7-year-old Eymen, who sent his toys to the earthquake victims in Turkey, wrote on the note paper, “May my toys make you happy.” Wrote.

Defne, 6 years old, wrote in a note next to the toys she sent, “I am sending these toys to you. I am very sad because there is an earthquake there. I pray for you every evening. Get well soon.” used the phrases.

Son Dika Current They support their peers who experienced the ‘disaster of the century’ with the notes they put in their aid packages – Last Minute

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