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In Lüleburgaz, women gather for earthquake victims and sew clothes. The remaining volunteer women, who took part in the aid campaign carried out within the Women’s Academy Cooperative, cover the wounds caused by the earthquake with every outfit they sew.

Lüleburgaz Stars Women’s Academy was the scene of a tearful collaboration. In LYKA, which came to the forefront as the center of solidarity in the aid campaign in which thousands of volunteers took part after the earthquake, aid efforts continue at full speed. While the Sevgi Store in the academy meets the clothing needs of earthquake victims, the Women’s Academy Cooperative, which also carries out workshops within the academy, sews clothes for earthquake victims. The work of the cooperative is supported by women, each of whom is volunteers.

Every day at LYKA, women exhibiting the most beautiful example of collaboration are sewing clothes every day at the sewing looms they pass by. In the first days of the earthquake, the women who sewed to meet the needs are now meeting the needs of the earthquake victims who settled in Lüleburgaz. Women sew whatever clothes the citizens need with the fabrics provided to them by volunteers.

Serap Kesici, one of the women who brought tears to the eyes with the spirit of solidarity they showed, said that when she heard about the earthquake, she did not want to stay at home and said, “I was sitting at home. I thought what can I do. I heard that there are these activities in LYKA. I ran right away,” he said. Another volunteer woman, Sevgi Işık, said that their aim is to heal the wounds of the earthquake victims, even if only a little, and said, “As much as we can do what we can, all of the women here work with passion, love and enthusiasm so that someone who is cold there gets warm, and those who need them wear them. That’s why it’s good that there is this place,” she said.

Deniz Balaban Şahin, President of the Women’s Academy Cooperative, who started the clothing sewing activities, said that women carry out sewing works completely voluntarily and said, “We carried out sewing works in order to meet the needs of the earthquake zone for the first three days, together with our volunteer friends, on a completely voluntary basis. These are made with the raw materials we provide from volunteers. Our volunteers support us a lot from sewing thread to fabric.”

Şahin stated that since the 3rd day of the earthquake, they started to work to make up for the shortcomings of the families of the earthquake victims who came to the city, and said, “We started production to complete the deficiencies of our citizens who came here from the earthquake region. We immediately supplement the products that are out of stock in our Sevgi Store. Whether it’s underwear or skirts, whatever is needed that day, we provide reinforcements to the products very quickly by using the materials we have. We are doing our best so that our citizens do not come here and say that there is nothing,” he said.

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