They were caught trying to escape from Edirne to Greece illegally.

Edirneillegally, within the framework of the counter-terrorism activities carried out in the last week by the border troops and gendarmerie teams. GreeceThree FETÖ members who tried to flee to Turkey were caught and detained.

Edirne Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams and 54th Mechanized Infantry Border units affiliated to the Brigade Command continue their activities in the fight against terrorism without interruption. During the work carried out in the first-degree military forbidden zone on the Greek border in the last week, three FETO members who tried to escape to Greece illegally were caught by the teams. The proceedings of the suspects, who were determined to be wanted on the grounds of being a member of a terrorist organization, are continuing in the gendarmerie.

In addition, in the operations carried out within the framework of the activities carried out to ensure safety and security, necessary legal actions were taken against a total of 75 individuals, including 21 persons, 9 of whom were foreign nationals, and 45 persons wanted for military crimes, for whom arrest warrants were issued for various crimes through UYAP. – EDIRNE

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