This year’s E3 conference will upset gamers!

One of the biggest annual events in the gaming industry. 2023 will be the first event in the 18-year history of the Los Angeles show that has not been attended by any major console manufacturer.

According to a statement from IGN, has announced that and Nintendo will not attend the 2023 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). These three major console manufacturers will not attend this year’s press conferences and fairgrounds.

E3 will upset lovers this time

The minor reason didn’t attend could be its own presentation, which it will be holding around the same time as E3. and Nintendo, on the other hand, has already been absent from some events for the past few years.

Since 2013, Nintendo has been broadcasting its own events instead of E3 press conferences every year. The side, on the other hand, followed the path of Nintendo and refused to attend E3 as of 2019.

Sad news for the E3 conference, which is followed closely by game lovers!

Losing these three big companies, which were previously seen as the most important parts of the event, may cause E3 to be in a more difficult situation. In 2020, this event was canceled for the first time, and the following year it took place as an online-only event.

Nintendo, may hold a “Nintendo Direct” presentation in June. Electronic Arts is considering holding a new event called “EA Play” this year, along with E3, an app it started in 2016 but skipped last year. Ubisoft has not disclosed anything so far.

‘s departure from the event is a surprise because boss Phil Spencer recently praised E3 in an interview with IGN. Spencer also said they wanted to help make the show a success, and suggested that aside from ’s summer event, the company will be attending this year’s E3.

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