Thrace farmer is waiting for snowfall for the development of products and high yield

TurkeyFarmers in Thrace, one of the important agricultural production centers of Turkey, are waiting for snowfall for a decrease in the effect of drought and a productive season.

Dry in autumn and the first months of winter Edirne, Tekirdag ve KirklareliIn , producers especially had to sow wheat and canola seeds in dry soil.

Snowfall is important for the development period of wheat and canola, and for the storage of water in the soil in sunflowers that have not been planted yet.

Snowfall, which is defined by the farmers as “having a quilt effect” on agricultural products, both protects the products from possible frost events and the snow water mixes into the soil slowly and facilitates the development of the plant.

“Snowfall lays on the plant like a quilt”

President of Edirne Chamber of Agriculture Huseyin ArabaciHe told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the producers’ eyes are on snowfall during the winter months.

Expressing that last year was under the influence of drought, Arabacı said, “We did not say that there was a drought in the October period and we planted it. After the planting, light rains came and it was enough for the wheat to emerge.” said.

Arabacı stated that due to the drought, some canola fields deteriorated and different crops were planted.

Noting that the soil did not receive enough precipitation, Arabacı said:

“Because the summer was dry, the soil did not reach saturation. We are also talking with our producers who go to prepare the sunflower fields. After 20-30 centimeters of the soil, it is dry. Therefore, the precipitation should be good in the winter period so that the crops will develop well in the next period.

The type of precipitation desired by the producers in winter is snowfall. It is laid on the plant like a quilt. When a handful of snow falls on the product, the product stays warm at the bottom and continues its rooting and development. The soil absorbs the snow water slowly and the soil becomes beautiful.”

Karabulut village headman and wheat producer Cem Yilmaz He also reminded that they had to sow wheat seeds in dry soil.

Stating that there should be snowfall for the development of wheat and the sunflower to be planted, Yılmaz said, “The soil needs to store the snow water. The warehouses are empty at the moment, I hope we will get a nice snowfall and fill the warehouses and we will have a good time.” used the phrases.

Producer Hayrullah Hüdaverdi also stated that winter precipitation is important for a productive season.

“Increases quality with snow and cold yield”

Ekrem Şaylan, President of Kırklareli Chamber of Agriculture, also pointed out that the air temperature and precipitation regime were not at the required level for the farmer.

Explaining that they need cold weather and snowfall for wheat, Şaylan reminded that temperatures are above seasonal normals despite January.

Expressing that the growth rate of wheat is also low due to climatic conditions, Şaylan stated that snowfall is needed for the products to reach normal levels.

Stating that snowfall acts as a cover for wheat and provides better nutrition to its root, Şaylan continued his words as follows:

“Winter months need to be colder and more snowy. The wheat should have snowfall and the wheat should get cold. Currently, it is growing rapidly. If there is no snowfall in the near future, the progress will not go well for our farmers. If the wheat grows rapidly, grain development will slow down even more. We need snowfall for this. Snow and cold weather are one of our sine qua non in terms of more productive and high quality wheat. Without one of them, we cannot get good products. Our hope is that the temperatures will return to seasonal normals as soon as possible. If this process takes longer, it will not be good for our farmers and our country. “

“Snow is needed for water to run on the ground”

Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa Chamber of Agriculture President İmdat Saygı also stated that the rainfall for farmers this year was less than expected.

Emphasizing that the lack of snowfall worries the farmers, Saygı said, “There has been a slight rain in the last day or two, but of course the producers expect snow. Hopefully we expect snow and rain. ” said.

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