Thrace General Real Estate Consultants Association Branch President Feda Called for Help to Real Estate Agents and Homeowners from Edirne(Fig)

Trakya Public Real Estate Advisors Association Edirne Branch President Aytaç Feda, real estate agent and landlords from Edirne; called for helping the earthquake victims. Feda said, “I ask our real estate agents not to take commissions from the people coming from the earthquake area on rent and purchase. We may also suggest that the landlords not receive half a rent or a few months’ rent from the houses they have given to the earthquake victims.”

Trakya General Real Estate Consultants Association Edirne Branch President Aytaç Feda made a statement today; He called on the people of Edirne to help the earthquake victims who are considering settling in the city from the earthquake zone. Feda suggested that the real estate agent colleagues of the earthquake victims should not receive commissions and that the landlords from Edirne should not take rent for a few months.


Feda said in a statement:

“Our sons have been buried under the ground and rubble. One of the greatest disasters in the world… To those who survived Allah Let’s give patience and condolences to the deceased. Let them sleep in the light. I will ask Edirne to do their part in this regard. I especially ask our colleagues, real estate agents, to people who will come from the earthquake area not to receive commissions for rent and purchase, or if they can afford one or half the rent themselves, it would be even better. It will be more valid if we do our help in this way. In addition, as landlords, I would like to ask the landlords not to take half rent or a few months’ rent in the houses they have given. People were in a difficult situation. She has no shoes on her feet, no clothes on her socks, no money, no money. They came leaving everything there. I call on the people of Edirne to be sensitive about this issue.”

Son Dika Local Thrace General Real Estate Advisors Association Branch President Feda Calls for Help to Real Estate Agents and Landlords from Edirne(Fig) – Last Minute

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