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Trakya Birlik 2021/2022 business year election general assembly was held on Wednesday, 11.01.2023 at Edirne Mimar Sinan Indoor Sports Hall. The best example of the spirit of unity was exhibited at the General Assembly, which was held with the participation of 298 delegates who were elected as the Union Representative at the general assembly of 48 Oil Seeds Cooperatives in November.

Making the opening speech of the meeting, Şafak Kırbiç, Chairman of the Board of Directors, made a general assessment of the past business year and the current business years and informed the general assembly about the projects they plan to realize in the future. He wished that the general assembly to be held at the end of his speech would be beneficial to the union partners, the Thrace Union and our country.

In the General Assembly, Durgut Ersoy (Pehlivanköy Coop.) was elected as the Chairman of the Council, Levent Kızıltan (Gelibolu Coop.) as the Deputy Chairman, Göksel Baytok (Babaeski Coop.) and Yaşar Şentürk (Hayrabolu Coop.) as the Clerk Members.

After the moment of silence for the Founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and our Saint Martyrs, and the National Anthem, after the agenda items were read and voted in order, the elections were held in accordance with the 19th item of the agenda.

In the general assembly where Thrace Union delegates took care of their institution and 298 of the 299 present delegates participated by voting, 296 votes were valid and 2 votes were deemed invalid in the election, while the yellow list of Malkara Cooperative President Cem Özkan received 81 votes, Şafak Kırbic, who received 215 of the 296 valid votes. Emre Yılmaz, Hilmi Kahraman, Ahmet Akgün, Hüseyin Kocabıyık and Remzi Kobak won the blue list selection.

The new administration made the following statement after the election:
“I would like to thank all our cooperative presidents and board members, who participated in our 2021/2022 business year General Assembly and exhibited the best example of the Unity Spirit, and our Union representatives who gave us the duty of board members for the next 4 years by showing their favor. We wish our General Assembly to be beneficial to our union and our country, with the determination to provide greater services to the country’s agriculture, including our producer partners.”

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