Thracian real estate agents do not receive commissions from earthquake victims

GÖKHAN ZOBAR-FIRAT ÇAKIR-UFUK ERTOP – Earthquake Thracian real estate agents, who do not receive commissions from the disaster victims who come from the region and rent a house, are making an effort to provide the necessary support to those who come to their cities as guests.

Described as “the disaster of the century” Kahramanmaras Thracian real estate agents, mobilizing to solve the shelter needs of those affected by the earthquakes, accelerated their work.

Real estate agents, who waive the commission fee when renting a house, are meeting with the landlords for affordable housing for the disaster victims. Real estate agents, who act as intermediaries for philanthropists who want to open their houses for free, also do their best to procure furniture.

Trakya Public Real Estate Advisors Association Edirne Branch President Aytaç Feda told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they are working to find suitable homes for the disaster victims coming from the earthquake area.

Stating that the difficult days will be overcome with unity and solidarity, Feda stated that as real estate agents, they do not receive rental commission from earthquake victims.

At least one month of rental support call

Emphasizing that all necessary conveniences are provided, Feda said, “According to the decision we made with our real estate agent friends, no commission will be taken from the earthquake victims. In fact, we have a study to provide 1-2 months rent support or invoice support from our real estate agent friends who are in good condition. We have to be sensitive in this period. Our people also rent out. We want them not to take rent for at least one month to support earthquake victims in the houses they give. he said.

Stating that they are working on furniture support for earthquake survivors who rent houses, Feda called on the landlords not to apply exorbitant rents.

Furniture with 50% discount for earthquake victims

Tradesmen, who have furniture stores in Edirne, provide discounted products to citizens coming from the earthquake zone.

Artisan Gökalp from Edirne GokceHe said that their doors are wide open to the earthquake victims and that they have made the best discount.

Stating that they are ready to provide the necessary support so that the earthquake victims can return to their normal lives as soon as possible, Gökçe said, “We are selling with a 50 percent discount from the normal price list so that we can make a contribution. At the same time, we provide free furniture support to help our earthquake victims.” he said.


Şahin Umur, President of Tekirdağ Real Estate Agents Association. TurkeyHe said that they were saddened by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, which went down in history as one of the biggest disasters of Turkey.

Umur stated that they are making efforts to help earthquake-affected citizens, and that real estate brokers in Tekirdağ do not demand any wages from earthquake-affected citizens.


Ümit İkizlerli, President of Kırklareli Real Estate Consultants Association, stated that they are very sad about the disaster and stated that they are always with the disaster victims.

Reminding that they made a decision as an association to help the disaster victims, İkizlerli said that no commission will be taken from the disaster victims in house rental transactions.

Stating that they also help many disaster victims in the city to find a house, İkizlerli said, “While we do not receive commissions, we also help some earthquake victims with rent. Some philanthropists even rent their houses for low rent or free of charge. The earthquake in our country affected us all negatively. Together, we will leave these days behind. We will continue to do our best for the disaster victims.” said.

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