Thracian women sew winter clothes for earthquake victims who experienced the ‘disaster of the century’

Following the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes affecting 10 provinces centered in Kahramanmaraş, which is described as the “disaster of the century”, aid campaigns in the Thrace region are supported by producing clothes, scarves and berets in public education centers.

Edirne Public Education Center trainees sew winter clothes to protect earthquake victims from cold weather. The trainees prepare scarves, berets, hats, sweaters, underwear, tracksuits, sweaters, children’s goods and cloth toys in their homes and in the public education center.

Center Director İlhan Dinç told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they started work for earthquake victims in the public education center under the auspices of Edirne Governor Kürşat Kırbıyık.

Dinç stated that 800 trainees sewed winter clothes to be sent to the disaster victims. We started to sew clothes. Since the winter conditions were harsh in the earthquake region, we continue to produce winter clothes first.” he said.

Fatma Akay, the head of the Women’s Initiative and Business Cooperative and master trainer, stated that the trainees are mobilized and that they prepared 10 thousand pieces of winter clothes.

Zeynep Kaya, one of the trainees, stated that the whole of Turkey is in great sadness, but these days will be overcome with unity and solidarity.


Kırklareli Public Education Center sewing-embroidery course trainees also work hard for earthquake victims, sewing pajamas, berets and fleece tracksuits to protect earthquake victims from the cold weather, according to the needs of the earthquake victims.

The trainees, who cut the fabrics according to the clothes of various sizes, then create the product by giving it its final form with machines and manual dexterity.

Director of Public Education Center Turan Baş stated that they carry out studies with the directives of the Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Lifelong Learning.

Stating that the course trainers and trainees work on a voluntary basis and that the products are sent to the citizens in the region through AFAD, Baş said, “Currently, shipments are made every day. Our work continues in line with the needs. Currently, we receive requests for hats and winter berets. We are sewing on it. We have been sewing pajamas before. , we sent T-shirts. Today we will process 100 meters of fabric.” he said.

Trainee Necmiye Yanaş also stated that they produce winter clothes for earthquake victims.

Explaining that they work on the basis of volunteerism, Yanaş said, “We are happier when what we do reaches its destination. Of course, I would love to be there in the earthquake zone. We do whatever it takes.”


Within the body of Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa Public Education Center, trainees sew scarves, berets and clothes for earthquake victims at Safiye Osman Çeliker Primary School.

Public Education teacher Remziye Engin said that women do their best for earthquake victims.

Noting that women produce clothes every day using the products they supply, Engin said, “Everyone works voluntarily here. We sew berets, scarves and clothes for adults. We also try to help. The more people we can help, the better for us.” she said.

Trainee Gülsüm Ertan stated that producing something for earthquake victims makes them happy.

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