Trakya University established a support center for earthquake victims in Elbistan

University of Trakya team, Kahramanmaras‘of Elbistan established a support center for disaster victims in the district.

According to the written statement made by the university, the university team of 155 people, working in the earthquake zone due to the disaster, Edirne Valisi H. Kursat KirbiyikHe went to Elbistan on the orders of .

Trakya University Health, Culture, Sport Coordinated by the Head of Department, Instructor Burak İşmen, the team tries to meet the needs of the people of the region with the soup kitchen, health center, market place, tents, containers and toilets located in the support center.

Commented in the statement rector Prof. Dr. Erhan TabakogluHe stated that Trakya University has taken an active role in the field by organizing rapidly from the first day of the earthquake, despite all the negativities of the earthquake and climatic conditions.

Stating that they established a support center in Elbistan by bringing together the resources of the university and the region, Tabakoğlu said, “We rushed to the aid of our people with our 155 employees. We have established the Trakya University Elbistan Support Center with the aim of an orderly and sustainable living space. “We brought together the necessary materials and supplies to the earthquake victims. We create areas where people can eat and warm up. We coordinate one of the most systematic places in the region and invite all our people in need to our center.” used the phrases.

Meanwhile, a new team of 23 people, consisting of doctors, health workers and technical support personnel who will work in the support center, was sent off to Elbistan.

Son Dika Current Trakya University established a support center for earthquake victims in Elbistan – Last Minute

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