Trakya University sent a team of 81 doctors and staff to the earthquake zone.

A team of 81 people, consisting of doctors, students and staff at Trakya University, went to the earthquake area to participate in search and rescue efforts.

The team gathered at the Balkan Congress Center and loaded the aid materials collected by the university staff onto the truck by creating a human chain.

rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakogluthanked the personnel who will go to the earthquake area for their dedication and wished them a safe journey.

Tabakoğlu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that as the Trakya University family, they are trying to give their best support to the earthquake area.

The search and rescue team of 20 people they sent yesterday, Hatay‘of Samandag Stating that he started to work in the district of Istanbul, Tabakoğlu said, “This morning, a team of 22 students from the 5th and 6th grades of the medical faculty together with 2 physicians at their head. ElbistanWe sent it to Now we are sending our 9 doctors, 11 health workers and 17 personnel to work in the search and rescue team,” he said.

Tabakoğlu stated that they sent medicine, medical supplies and food purchased with the donations of the university staff in the truck to accompany the team.

Your team KahramanmarasStating that he will carry out his work in the district of Elbistan, Tabakoğlu said, “Our esteemed Governor has also been appointed in Elbistan. Trakya University will establish a station there, both will create a health cabin and provide food service.” said.

Tabakoğlu communicated with the students in the earthquake area and stated that they learned about their situation.

From the Department of Cardiology, Dr. Instructor Member of Cihan Ozturk He also stated that they set out with a large team and that they wanted to reach the region as soon as possible and start working.

University staff Gökhan Erginler also said that they took all the equipment they could use in search and rescue operations with them.

Emergency room nurse Burak Usta also said that they will do their best in the medical field.

After the aid materials were loaded, the team was sent off.

Son Dika Current Trakya University sent a team of 81 doctors and staff to the earthquake zone – Last Minute

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