Travel date for the red planet has been announced!

Spaceis one of the biggest question marks for people. There are still many unknown question marks about the universe. black holes, wormholes, other galaxies and much more. Our biggest goal for now is to travel to other planets in the Solar System.

The date for Mars travel has been announced! Pack up, we’re going to Mars!

The closest trip right now, ’s Artemis under the plan Oh yeah It will be a manned flight. But soon we will witness much more than that. Because private companies on a global scale It aims much more than the moon. Anthem!

Elon Musk is working on Mars travel, travel history here

According to the latest rumors Elon Musk , Mars He set aside a serious budget for his trip. Musk’s target is by 2030 at the latest. to make a manned flight to Mars. So we have about 7 more years ahead of us.

To be honest, Mars’a A manned flight would have had serious repercussions all over the world. But this is not possible with today’s .

Travel date for the red planet has been announced!  - Picture : 1

At the moment, serious preparations are being made even for the Moon journey. Oh yeah There are years of rehearsals for the manned landing. Mars It will likely require years of preparation. Elon Musk perhaps he means 2030, the date when preparations will begin. We’ll wait and see.

So what do you guys think about this issue? Will mankind be able to step on Mars? If your answer is yes, do you believe this will happen in 2030?

You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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