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Trendyol’s financial director, Yasin Canki’s father, Hüseyin Canki, allegedly bought a 4,258-decare farm in the Hayrabolu district of Tekirdağ on behalf of his wife, Fatma Canki.

According to Odak News, Trendyol’s financial director Yasin Canki’s father Hüseyin, over his mother Fatma Canki, bought Sala Bey’s farm in Hayrabolu district of Tekirdağ, with an area of ​​4,258 acres, for approximately 324 million TL. It was learned that the sale took place 15 days ago at the Hayrabolu Land Registry Office. It was learned that the director, who was originally in the Süleymanpaşa district of Karacakılavuz District, would farm on this land and ordered 4 modern tractors. In addition, it was claimed that the farm purchased belonged to the relatives of Fahrettin Korutürk, one of the former Presidents. It was also stated that the sale of the land was sold by auction method.

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