TRON DAO launches artificial intelligence (AI) development fund

As interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is witnessing a resurgence in both the mainstream and cryptocurrency industry, the decentralized autonomous organization behind the TRON (TRX) ecosystem has announced that it has set up a $100 million Artificial Intelligence Development Fund.

TRON DAO launches artificial intelligence (AI) development fund

To accelerate the blending of blockchain and AI technologies, TRON DAO’s new fund will focus on four main areas: AI Service Payment Platform, AI Infused Oracles, AI Informed Investment Management Services and AI Generated Content, according to a press release.

“The startup’s hope is that developers will be inspired to use AI in current and future applications built on the TRON blockchain at both the backend and frontend of development AND apply for TRON AI Development grants. A fund to help them do that,” he said.

What will this entail?

Specifically, the development of TRON’s AI Service Payment Platform envisions providing “self-learning, on-the-go, adaptive capabilities in all aspects of decentralized commerce” such as smart contract creation and deployment, payment layer protocols, AI payment gateways.

According to TRON DAO’s press release, the creation of AI Oracle will take place on TRON’s network and data-driven Layer 2 blockchain BitTorrent Chain, facilitating decentralized data management to create a new, decentralized, intelligent financial ecosystem enhanced by AI.

As for AI Informed Investment Management Services, they will pave the way for more complex and intelligent trading algorithms, real-time market trend analysis, more advanced and dynamic strategies to be explored, and more predictive investment decisions. writing ‘smarter’ smart contracts to automate trading.

Finally, the purpose of AI Generated Content is to “power future use cases” by enhancing and integrating immutable token () usage, enabling user research on the go to increase productivity and inform creators and developers.

TRON’s steady progress

Meanwhile, a recent quarterly report by crypto analytics platform Messari revealed that the TRON network saw an increase in daily active accounts in the last quarter of 2022, recording an “unusual increase of 1.3 million new accounts on Dec.

TRON DAO launched artificial intelligence (AI) development fund - Image : 1

TRON daily active accounts and active (new) accounts. Source: Mesari

During the same period, a significant amount of TRX tokens were burned compared to those produced due to increased user activity, while TRON’s client, GreatYovage-V4.6.0, aka Socrates, was released in November to optimize network functionality.

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