TSMC is lowering prices to convince AMD and Nvidia! [Çip vereyim abime]

TMSC, manufactures the world’s most advanced chips. The company has decided to cut prices for these chips. As the company would face revenue declines in early 2023, it would pursue a more aggressive pricing policy and try to lure firms into new node processes, but the home account didn’t fit the market.

TSMC goes on sale

According to MyDrivers, he announced that TSMC may lower the prices of 3nm chips to attract more companies. This discount will apply to all 3nm processes of the company.

DigiTimes reported last November that TSMC plans to charge $20,000 per 3nm chip. That’s a 25 percent increase over 5 nm due to the extensive EUV lithography process involved in manufacturing. , from companies that had to accept this price increase in order to secure 3nm chips for the upcoming 15 model, but apparently , , ve Other companies like this do not accept it.

TSMC cuts prices to keep Nvidia and AMD!

The Taiwan-based company had begun mass production of its first 3nm process node, the N3, at the end of 2022. The more stable and efficient N3E node is expected to arrive in 2023 and will be cheaper to manufacture. When this is the case, TSMC will naturally reduce its prices.

is expected to use a 3nm processor node for the Zen 5 CPU architecture, which was first revealed in a leak in May 2021. It is not yet clear when will officially introduce Zen 5. on the side, which is likely to come out in 2024 “BlackwellThe next codenamed ” is expected to use 3nm for GPUs.

Judging by the circumstances, these new technologies will not be sold at very exorbitant prices. At least, this may be the case in the world.

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