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The last stop of the promotional activities of the company in the international arena was Germany, where most Turkish citizens live in Europe. Trakya University, which is taking firm steps towards becoming a world university with 5,200 international students from 79 countries, 80 percent of whom are from the Balkans, participated in the Education Fair held in Germany, where approximately 3.5 million Turks live.
Trakya University at the Turkish Universities Education Fair organized in Cologne, Germany by the Maarif Agency affiliated to the Turkish Maarif Foundation; Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu, Vice Rector and Director of Foreign Relations Application and Research Center Prof. Dr. Murat Türkyılmaz and Private Secretary Lect. See. Kivanc Ada represented. Students and families from Germany and neighboring countries, as well as students and families who want to learn about education opportunities and opportunities in Turkey, were informed about the university by visiting the Trakya University stand.
The opening of the fair attended by nearly 20 universities from Turkey, Ak Party 27th Term Istanbul Deputy Zafer Sırakaya, Turkish Maarif Foundation Board of Trustees Member Zekeriya Akçam, Turkish Maarif Foundation Board Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Özkan, Turkish Republic Cologne Consul General Turhan Kaya, Turkish Republic Essen Consul General Tolga Şimşir, Turkish Republic Hannover Consul General Gül Özge Kaya, MEB Cologne Education Attaché Prof. Dr. Mustafa Gençer and the Ministry of Education Dusseldorf Education Attaché Muteber Gamze Bozgöz accompanied a delegation. At the fair, where universities were represented at the level of the Rector and Vice-Chancellor, students and their families received information about educational opportunities from universities.
Trakya University, which offers education and training opportunities to 5,200 international students from 79 countries, shared information by carrying out promotional activities for candidates who want to choose Trakya University throughout the day at the promotional stand it opened at the Cologne-Turkish Universities Education Fair.
Informing the students and parents with the catalog, brochure, promotional products and university publications specially prepared for the fair, Rector Prof. Dr. Trakya University delegation led by Erhan Tabakoğlu hosted visitors from different parts of Europe.
Expressing that they will continue similar activities in order to increase the international recognition of Trakya University, Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu said, “We are very happy to come together with our citizens and international students who want to study in Turkey at the fairs held with the support of various ministries in our country under the leadership of the Maarif Foundation. We participated in the fair, which was held in Strasbourg, France, and received positive feedback. Today in Cologne, we came together with our compatriots and citizens living far from the motherland. As it is known, there is a large Turkish population in Europe. Many of our citizens from Edirne and Thrace also live in Europe. In addition, Edirne is a city well known by the Turkish population living in this geography, a city they visit every year on their way to their hometown, breathe its air and drink its water. We invite these children to receive education in the land where their parents were born. We were very happy to see such interest from them.
As Trakya University, our doors are wide open for them to receive a strong education by making them feel at home in the peaceful environment of Edirne.” he said.
Trakya University Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Türkyılmaz and Private Secretary Lect. See. Kıvanç Ada thanked the Consul General of Cologne Turhan Kaya, who visited the Trakya University stand, and the members of the Maarif Foundation Board of Directors for the organization and their kind invitation.
Also, within the scope of the fair, a dinner invitation was given by Köksal Kuş, the Chairman of the International Democrats Union, headquartered in Cologne, where the officials of the participating universities were hosted, while the Consul General of Cologne Turhan Kaya hosted the same delegation at the Consulate General Residence. Within the scope of both organizations, productive dialogues were held with both the participating universities and the representatives of the Turkish society living in Cologne, and cooperation opportunities were discussed.
Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu also paid a courtesy visit to Kemal Ergün, Chairman of the Islamic Community Milli Gorus, as part of the contacts during the fair.
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