of BULGARIA Kardzhali ‘Turkan, who was martyred by the fire opened by Bulgarian soldiers in his mother’s arms at the age of 17 months in the city of Istanbul and became a symbol of resistance during the ‘Totalitarian Regime’. BabyTürkan Feyzullah, known as ‘, on the 38th anniversary of his murder EdirneHe was commemorated in his monument in BulgariaIn the ceremony attended by many people from Turkey, the poems recited by fellow students created emotional moments.

Türkan Feyzullah, who was shot dead by Bulgarian soldiers at the age of 17 months in his mother’s arms during the protest march held in Mogilyane village of Kardzhali against the forced assimilation attempt implemented in Bulgaria in 1984, was commemorated in the park bearing his name in Edirne. Edirne Municipality The ceremony was hosted by the Thrace Balkan Turks Culture and Solidarity Association, and Edirne Governor Hüseyin Kursat Kirbiyik, GOOD Party Edirne Deputy Orhan CakirlarMayor of Edirne Recep Gurkan, University of Trakya rector Assistant Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer, Rights and Freedoms Movement Deputy Mukaddes Nalbant, Thrace Balkan Turks Culture and Solidarity Association President Cevat Sunrepresentatives of non-governmental organizations and the people of the region participated.


The ceremony started with the laying of a wreath at the monument, a moment of silence was observed and the National Anthem was sung. Governor Hüseyin Kürşat Kırbıyık stated that preserving the Turkish existence throughout history is a price, and said, “We are a nation that has paid this price many times in the past. Today, we continue to pay this price whenever necessary. At the point we have reached, we see a positive course especially in interstate relations. It is our duty, however, we should never forget the lessons we have learned from history, it is the responsibility of each of us to pass it on properly and accurately to the next generations. TurkeyI consider it the main responsibility of our immigrant cognates who have immigrated to Turkey and live in various cities of Turkey today,” he said.

After his speech, Kırbıyık commemorated the baby Türkan and the Turks who lost their lives in Bulgaria.


IYI Party Edirne Deputy Orhan Çakırlar stated that the fate of those who persecuted would not be good, saying, “What happened in Belene yesterday, in Sarayiçi, and a few years later, is engraved in the memories of history. “It has taken its place in world history and has always shown what resistance against oppression brings. Today, those who are against oppression are here. I respect all those who are against this oppression,” he said.


Mayor Recep Gürkan emphasized that babies are innocent in all religions in the world and said, “If you kill an innocent baby for whatever reason, it is a crime against humanity. That process, which started with the murder of the baby Türkan and her mother in Bulgaria in 1984, is a crime against humanity. We call it Belene. , this crime against humanity in our close geography in recent years has made us come together again as the Turkish nation and remember our ties in history. We have Belene veterans among us. They were born in Bulgaria, they now live in Edirne. They are also our example of honor. “We are proud of them. If we can teach our children about the past, we will help them grow up consciously so that they do not experience the same problems in the future. These commemorations are valuable in that sense. We are here today and in Kardzhali on Monday,” he said.


Mukaddes Nalbant, MP for the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, the majority of whom are Turks in Bulgaria, said that the name Türkan is a symbol and said, “Türkan is a symbol of identity defense. Türkan is a symbol of all of us. Meetings are held in Bulgaria every year and we commemorate Türkan. “We thank the people who made the beautiful statue. I hope these new generations will carry the name Türkan in their hearts and share that pride with people for a lifetime.”


Cevat Güneş, President of the Thrace Balkan Turks Culture and Solidarity Association, also drew attention to some unresolved problems in Bulgaria and said, “One of the problems our compatriots experienced after the 1989 forced migration is that our names, which were given by force by the state, were not corrected by the state. Although it is easy for those who want to get their names voluntarily. We want to see the Bulgarian state and their representatives scrapping the incident that offended our personality, in this regard retrospectively and never to be seen in the archives, from memories and documents, for these offensive names of our deceased and deceased fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, which are on the record.”

At the ceremony, Turkish children from Bulgaria recited poems for baby Türkan. In the ceremony where the participants were touched, prayers were prayed for the baby Türkan and the martyrs. Participants left carnations at the Türkan baby monument.

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