Türkan, who was killed in her mother’s arms in Bulgaria, was commemorated on the 38th anniversary of her death.

BulgariaFor Türkan Feyzullah, who was killed in the arms of her mother when she was 1.5 years old in the events that broke out during the forced assimilation attempt in 1984. EdirneA memorial service was held in

The ceremony held in front of the monument in the park built in memory of Türkan baby in Şükrüpaşa Mahallesi started with a moment of silence and prayers for all martyrs.

Participants laid wreaths and carnations at the monument.

Bulgaria’s Kardzhali Students from Kızılağaç district of the province gave a poetry recital. During the concert, some participants could not hold back their tears.

Edirne Governor H. Kursat KirbiyikIn his speech, he said that being Turkish and developing the Turkish presence throughout history comes at a price.

Pointing out that the Turks are a nation that has paid this price many times in history, Kırbıyık said:

“It’s time SyriaWe became Turkmen in the north of Turkey and paid this price. We have paid the price of being Turkish in Karabakh. appropriate West ThraceWe paid this price. We paid this price in Bulgaria. At this point, we see that there is a positive course in interstate relations. It is our duty to develop it, but we must never forget the lessons and responsibilities we have learned from history. It is the responsibility of each of us to pass them on to future generations properly and correctly.”

GOOD Party Edirne Deputy Orhan Cakirlar He also stated that what happened in Belene in Bulgaria is etched in the memories of history.

Emphasizing that the baby Türkan and the resistance have taken their place in the history of the world, Çakkır expressed that he respects those who oppose the persecution.

Mayor of Edirne Recep Gurkan Stating that babies are sinless and innocent all over the world, he said, “If you kill an innocent baby, for whatever reason, it is a crime against humanity. That process, which started with the murder of the baby Türkan and her mother in 1984, is a crime against humanity, a human tragedy.” said.

“Türkan baby is the symbol of identity defense”

Mukaddes Nalbant, Member of Parliament for the Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) Movement Party in Bulgaria, whose members are mostly Turks and Muslims, said that the Türkan baby is the symbol of identity defense.

Cevat, President of Thrace Balkan Turks Culture and Solidarity Association SunStating that the names changed by forced migration in Bulgaria in 1989 should be corrected, he noted:

“For these offensive names of our deceased fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers in the records, we ask the Bulgarian state to delete them from their retrospective archives. While supporting Bulgaria’s positive approach. TurkeyIt should also take as an example the work done in . Foundation We hope that he returns his goods without making unnecessary excuses. We want the Kurşunlu Mosque, which is our ancestral heritage in Karlova, to be given to its original owner. We hope that these works will carry the bilateral relations forward. On behalf of Türkan Feyzullah and Bulgarian Turkishness, we commemorate the martyrs and veterans with mercy.”

Program Ministry of Foreign Affairs Edirne Representative Ambassador Murat Ahmet YorukEdirne Police Chief Mustafa Alçalar, Bulgarian MFA deputies Sezgin Mehmed and Erten Arnisova, Mayor of Stanbolovo, Haskova province of Bulgaria Adnan Yildiznon-governmental organizations, representatives of political parties and citizens also participated.

Son Dika Current Türkan, who was killed in her mother’s arms in Bulgaria, was commemorated on the 38th anniversary of her death – Last Minute

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