Turkey’s Plane Trees – Painter Yalçın Gökçebağ: ‘Painting the picture of Anatolia is a love for me’

Described as the “Painter of Anatolian Dreams”, the painter Yalçın Gökçebağ, regarding his art journey, said, “Painting is like architecture. It has to sit on a solid ground. In my paintings, the symmetry is broken in itself in a masterful way. That’s why the one who looks at the painting feels a relief inside. Balance relaxes people. ” said.

Doyen names of culture, art, science, sports, politics and business world. TurkeyPhotographed within the scope of the ‘Scane Trees’ project Anadolu AgencyIn this context, he also photographed the painter Yalçın Gökçebağ.

Gökçebağ, who had the opportunity to observe Anatolian life, people and nature during her teaching years, presents the beauties she witnessed to art lovers through her canvas.

Denizliof Steal The master artist, who was born in 1944 in the district of Istanbul, aims to leave a cultural legacy to future generations by combining rural life with the power of his art in his works that he has produced throughout his 65-year artistic life.

Gökçebağ, in the first years of the Republic of fine arts such as painting İstanbul Stating that he did not go outside much, he said, “Anatolia was a bit lonely in the painting thing. I spent my whole childhood in the village and I saw threshing floors, apple orchards and vineyards there.” he said.

Gökçebağ, who stated that she started painting by chance during her primary school years, said:

“In our village in the 1950s Marshall help came. They lined us all up in front of the school and said our names. I got a dark blue yoyo toy. While I was playing it, something happened to a friend of mine that we don’t know what happened. He brought it to me, ‘Yalçın, what are these?’ said. It’s actually an oil crayon, but we haven’t seen any paint like that until then. I thought it was chocolate. We even tasted it a little bit, it had a weird taste. Then I bought ‘This paint is Huseyin.’ I said. He said, ‘Then this is yours, I’ll take the yo-yo’. I accepted and that oil crayon changed my destiny. I’ve been described as the best drawing student in the class.”

“Painting the picture of Anatolia is a love for me”

Yalcin Gokcebag, Isparta Gonen Noting that she was good at painting and music classes at the Primary Teachers School, she said, “I played the mandolin right away. They gave me a violin. There was a song called ‘The train is coming, welcome’. I started playing it with the violin without notes, but then I played a mandolin here (showing his shoulder). “It turned out that the music teacher was on top of me. At that time, this song was forbidden. I was slapped. Then I got offended by music and turned to painting.” said.

Youth İlhami Demirci and Malik Aksel Drawing attention to the fact that he took lessons from teachers such as, the artist said that he started painting in 1958 and has been continuing for 65 years.

Master painter Gökçebağ, pointing out that he has made a living with professions such as sign making and musical instruments over the years, said, “I took the cameraman exam at TRT in 1972. After I entered TRT, I gradually became a cameraman and some things started to change. Because I had studied painting. I saw that “Cameramanship is similar to this. You need to maintain a harmony. The shots I took began to be noticed. Cameramanship gave me the opportunity to examine, love and realize nature so closely that a normal person cannot see it.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that he drew wheat fields, fruit trees and gardens for agricultural programs, the artist continued his words as follows:

“I have captured an angle in my works that no one has ever grasped or noticed. Metin ErksanHe used to say, ‘You are the only painter and cameraman in the world’. This gave me a reciprocal contribution. I see the world through the eyes of the camera, and because I did it with that eye, I got an angle that no one else noticed. Drawing a picture of Anatolia is a love for me. Painting is the painter’s battle with the canvas. Because there is something resisting you. If you put everything in the picture, you will make a composition that relaxes people.”

“Painting is like architecture, it has to sit on a solid foundation”

Underlining that he attaches importance to symmetry in his paintings, artist Gökçebağ said, “Painting is like architecture. It has to sit on a solid ground. In my paintings, the symmetry is deftly broken within itself. That’s why the viewer feels a relief in the painting. Balance relaxes people.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that he primarily created the composition of the works in his mind, Gökçebağ gave the following information:

“My position is very broad. I have very different and diverse subjects. There are vineyards, olive trees, tea gardens, flat-roofed houses. The most important thing I have found is the view from the top. I shot sunflower fields in Thrace from a helicopter. Shooting from a helicopter is very dangerous. So In a small thing, you’re right down there. That’s what I discovered while looking down on those sunflowers. Of course, the cameraman’s eye is such an eye that he can’t forget. That image was etched in my brain. I still use it. There is a modernist and very difficult perspective in my paintings. That perspective is also computerized. I do it by creating with my own brain without using it. But I can’t explain scientifically how I did it.”

The master artist, who also gave advice to young painters, said, “They always need to paint, but they should not even think of selling it. Do not think that I should paint such a painting that no one has done it. That painting has been made. There are millions of people in the world. Appreciation is something that changes. Doing what no one likes, “To do well. It is necessary to paint pictures that carry the principles of painting well and that do not break its integrity. Make your own paintings. That is what is not done. Close your eyes and paint. There are two elements that must be present in a work of art; one is originality and the other is integrity.” he said.

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