Turkish minority institutions and organizations in Western Thrace celebrated Working Journalists’ Day

West ThraceTurkish minority institutions and organizations, primarily the Friendship, Equality and Peace (DEB) Party, January 10 Employee Journalists’ Day so he posted the message.

In the messages, it was emphasized that journalists take an active role in accurate reporting and information, by drawing attention to the difficulties faced by minority journalists in their duties.

In the message published by the FEP Party, “In today’s world where the speed of information is increasing and news for disinformation purposes can spread rapidly, there are journalists who can read the developments in our region, our country and the world correctly, who can spread real information much faster by making use of technological opportunities, and who can decisively fight against fake news. becomes much more important and valuable.” expressions were used.

In the message, it was stated that the working conditions of minority journalists, who were attacked verbally or in writing from time to time, were even more difficult, and it was emphasized that it should not be forgotten that journalists fulfill an important public duty.

Mustafa Trampa, the Elected Mufti of Xanthi, in his congratulatory message he published on social media on the occasion of January 10 Working Journalists’ Day, said: “We want to thank all journalists who work day and night with the same enthusiasm, who work for the public good, who have the voice, eyes and ears of the people, and who enable us to get news in the light of the truth. I congratulate the January 10 Working Journalists’ Day of our Western Thrace Turkish Minority journalists, who have served in particularly difficult conditions, and wish them great success.” used the phrases.

In its message, the Western Thrace Turkish Teachers’ Union (BTTÖB) said, “We congratulate the 10 January Working Journalists’ Day, and wish them success in their work, for our esteemed press members who fulfill an important responsibility by informing the public and expressing the demands and expectations of the society with a correct, principled and objective understanding of duty. ” made statements.

The Xanthi Turkish Union (ITB) also celebrated the Working Journalists’ Day on January 10, by sharing a photo explaining the meaning and importance of the day on social media.

Son Dika Current Turkish minority institutions and organizations celebrated Working Journalists’ Day in Western Thrace – Last Minute

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