Turkish minority organizations in Western Thrace condemn the burning of the Holy Quran in Sweden

West ThraceTurkish institutions and organizations in SwedenThe protests against the burning of the Qur’an continue.

In the statement made by the Western Thrace Turkish Teachers’ Union (BTTÖB), Turkeyof Stockholm It was stated that a provocative action that could not be explained with freedom of thought was carried out in front of the Embassy.

In the statement, “We strongly condemn and condemn the madman who has the right to insult the holy ones of a belief group and the understanding that gives this right to this madman. The aim of the provocative action carried out by burning our holy book, the Qur’an, is to fight Islamophobia and Turkophobia existing in Europe. ‘ is to undermine intercultural tolerance, which has become fragile in recent years. statements were included.

Emphasizing that this behavior contrary to the founding principles and values ​​of the EU should not go unpunished, the authorities were asked to take the necessary measures to prevent similar incidents.

In a statement released by the Komotini Turkish Youth Union (GTGB), it was stated that the act of burning the Quran in front of the Stockholm Embassy in Sweden hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims.

Noting that the action is an attack on human rights and the principle of peaceful coexistence of members of different religions, the statement said, “Also, it is unacceptable to allow this anti-Islamic provocative action that targets Muslims and insults our sacred values, under the name of freedom of expression. Similar incidents will never happen again. We wish it not to happen, and invite the authorities to duty.” expressions were used.

Son Dika Current Turkish minority organizations in Western Thrace condemn the burning of the Quran in Sweden – Last Minute

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