Turkish Red Crescent’s blood stocks raise ‘alarm’

Turkish Red Crescent President Kerem Kınık stated that the blood stocks throughout the country fell to the level of 35 thousand, which is below the minimum level, and said, “I wish every healthy and responsible individual to adopt blood donation as a habit. We need to continue donating blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” said.

In a statement to the AA correspondent, Kınık shared information about the current status of blood stocks and the “National Blood Donation Campaign” launched.

Noting that the minimum stock level in blood is 50 thousand, Kınık said, “We give an ‘alarm’ when the minimum stock level is below 50 thousand. Turkey‘s national blood stock. We manage these stocks, fill them and meet their blood needs in this way, entirely with the voluntary support of our citizens.

Noting that when there is a problem in blood stocks, they openly and transparently present this to people’s information, Kınık reminded that he also made a call on social media for this reason.

“There is a negative impact caused by the flu epidemic”

Underlining that the National Blood Donation Campaign was launched due to the decrease in blood stocks, Kınık said, “Actually, this is a situation we usually experience in the winter months, the stocks tend to decrease. But this year, a widespread flu epidemic was added across the country, similar to what we experienced during the Kovid-19 epidemic. It also has a negative impact.” said.

Kınık said, “These overlapping factors have had negative effects on blood donations. We have to maintain a minimum blood stock level in order to meet both daily needs and when there are sudden great needs,” Kınık said. he said.

“We are now at the level of 35 thousand in blood stocks”

Regarding the current situation of the blood stock level, Kınık said, “We are at the level of 35 thousand blood stocks at the moment. We receive around 8-9-10 thousand units of blood per day and we have a consumption like this. There is nothing to panic about at the moment, but we need to keep the minimum stocks at a certain level in order to ensure that the stocks are safe and ready for all kinds of bad conditions and negative situations.” made its assessment.

Pointing out that blood donations decreased in Ramadan, Kınık emphasized that it is important to enter this period with a high stock level.

“By plane Van‘and İstanbulWe brought blood to

Regarding whether there is a problem in blood supply to those treated at the hospital, Kınık said:

“The needs of hospitals can be met at the moment. But there are 1,564 hospitals in Turkey, about 1,200 of them use blood from us. 13 of the 1,200 hospitals have temporary blood banks, they get their own blood needs from here. The blood needs of all the remaining hospitals are supplied from the Red Crescent. .

We manage national blood stocks by transporting them by plane from one region to another according to the increase or decrease in need so that urgent, planned surgeries are not delayed. For example, we brought blood from Van to Istanbul by plane the other day. Every day İzmir, BursaWe can deliver blood from different locations such as Thrace and Thrace to places where there is need, by plane. We support from one region to the other. In this way, there are no problems, but in the background, of course, our logistics operations are increasing.”

“Manipulation should not be done through blood donation”

Kerem Kınık said that blood donation is an indispensable element that cannot be substituted for any other treatment, and that it should be kept away from any kind of discussion.

Thalassemia (Mediterrenian Kınık pointed out that people who struggle with some diseases (such as anemia) and some similar diseases have to receive blood transfusions regularly, and that there is an urgent need for blood in cases such as traffic accidents, and continued his words as follows:

“In such cases, we are racing against the clock at the point of blood. Blood donation is a very special, sensitive situation and there should be no manipulation or misinformation on top of that. For example, we encounter some unscientific rumors and situations such as ‘Rejecting the blood donated by those who have the Covid-19 vaccine’. All of these are the truth. I hope that every healthy and responsible individual, in particular, adopts blood donation as a habit and becomes a blood and stem cell donor through our blood centers in case of need.”

“14 percent of our total donors are women”

Pointing out that people can make an appointment at the nearest donation center through the Turkish Red Crescent’s “” website and mobile blood donation application, they can also access all the information they wonder about blood donation. Reminds me of the bronze medal.

Pointing out that women are slightly behind in blood donation, Kınık said, “14 percent of our total donors are women. This needs to be increased a bit. There are some misconceived urban legends about blood donation about women. We need to continue donating blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because blood is not an urgent need, it is a constant need.” he finished.

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