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This charming establishment in Pancarköy Village of Babaeski is one of the best examples of the fact that the entire province of Kırklareli is almost a meatball paradise. 74-year-old Recep Uğurlu goes to the grill every day and kneads his own meatballs made from ground beef, which consists of 100 percent beef, and serves it to his visitors by cooking it on the grill.

Recep Uğurlu, who has been using the advantage of being a chef in the military for 27 years in this modest business, states that the secret of the taste in his meatballs is due to rib fat. As well as the meatballs of Recep Uğurlu, it creates addictiveness with the tomato sauce it serves alongside the meatballs.

Recep Uğurlu, who adds pepper and garlic to the tomato sauce he prepared in the summer, and finally blends this special mixture with olive oil before serving, draws attention with his homemade yogurt that turns sour if not consumed within four days. The trio of meatballs, sauce and yoghurt is so delicious that the establishment periodically hosts high-level bureaucrats.

Venue Name : Uğurlu Kardeşler Meatballs

Address : Pancarköy – Babaeski / KIRKLARELİ

Telephone: 0288 573 34 00

Contact Person : Recep Ugurlu

Featured Taste: Meatball

Orkun AKMAN‘of Trakya Development Agency prepared in June 2019 in cooperation with Kirklareli Flavor Stops It has been moved to our pages with the permission of the author. AKMAN’s contribution to the whole work York on the Road available on the website.


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