Ünal, Consul General of Turkey in Komotini, received the kinsmen who went to the earthquake zones.

Turkeyof Komotini Consul General Aykut Unal accepted the Western Thrace cognates who voluntarily participated in the search and rescue efforts in the earthquake area.

After the earthquakes in Turkey GreeceUnal, who hosted Hakan Bozali and Hakan Mehmetali, who were in the search and rescue team from Turkey, and Bilgehan Şerifoğlu, Hüseyin Dangala and Burhan Karadayı, who participated in the relief efforts in earthquake zones, expressed his gratitude to them.

Stating that the aid campaigns initiated and participated by the compatriots are very valuable, Ünal said that 21 trucks and trucks were sent with the coordination of the Western Thrace Turkish Minority Advisory Board.

Noting that there are trucks that go outside of this coordination, Ünal stated that many of his compatriots called the Consulate General to participate in the relief efforts in the earthquake regions.

Unal said, “Construction equipment operators, scoop operators, and fellow firefighters called us to see how we can help. Many people who want to give any help call us. What makes me emotional is that many people call and say, ‘There are orphaned children there and we want to adopt them. ‘ they said.” said.

Stating that an effective result is achieved when Western Thrace Turks come together and do something in the spirit of unity and solidarity, Ünal said, “The fact that you are also active in activities strengthens the position of our compatriot in the eyes of the people. It remains simple to thank you. Allah bless you,” he said.

Son Dika Current Ünal, Consul General of Turkey in Komotini, accepted the compatriots who went to the earthquake zones – Last Minute

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