Unprecedented hike in TurkNet internet subscription fees!

TurkNet, one of the most popular internet services in our country, has made another hike in internet prices! TurkNet’s 47% hike became the agenda in social media. Subscribers who want to use GigaFiber will now pay at 65% increased price!

Unprecedented hike in TürkNet internet subscription fees!

In response to increasing inflation, digital platforms and other subscription services continue to increase. As we enter 2023, as of January, prices for , and many other platforms have increased, while the next sad news has come to TurkNet internet subscribers!

As it is known, TurkNet, which increased the basic package price for VDSL service to 139.90 TL before, announced that it had to increase this price to 169.90 TL after the subsequent Türk Telekom port fee hikes. The company, which has not made any hike for a long time, has informed its customers of the new hike, via SMS and mail, today.

Unprecedented hike in TurkNet internet subscription fees!  - Picture : 1

TurkNet sent the following message to its customers today: “Dear TurkNet, the price of your service numbered “xxxxx” February 2023 to be reflected on your dated invoice. 249,90 TL as updated. We are considering solutions that will support you in all conditions so that you can have free internet in the most comfortable way. Would you like to pay for your 10-month internet service from 199.90 TL in installments or as a single payment?

Some customers received the following message: “Dear TurkNet users, our service prices February 2023 However, since you are a new TurkNet subscriber, you will be affected by this change in your bill for the period of March 2023. The price of your service “xxxx” in March 2023 249,90 TL will be updated. We wish you a nice day.”

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